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The writer formally known as pestilence_pony

Read first!

Yew are about to cross over the line into zombie territory. The gray zone is starting to turn into rubble. Things here are not what they seem, the mind of a pained basket-case.

Do not judge me

I am not yer toy.
I am not yer game.
There will always be the possibillity that I am not yer friend.
I believe in peace, love, beauty, and overcoming obstacles.

This is where I tear my heart out on a daily basis and spill my soul out in a pixilated format.

Surgons General Warning:

Some of the things that I discuss in my journal may be triggering and hazerdos to yer health. If yew do not wish to be tolerant about desicials and discussions on emotional instability, suicide, self injury, eating disorders, sexuality, self identity issues, and other typical struggles then do not add me. Easy as that.

Please add my poetry journal semencoatedcunt